Psychotherapy for Adults

Tell the truth: you are not your “Best Self” right now. Maybe you are anxious and stressed, or trapped in negative thinking, overwhelmed by your “to-do-list-of-life,” terribly unhappy with school, work, or your relationships, feeling so low that you can’t appreciate any of life’s small pleasures, confused about how to make your next important decision, or discouraged about your life. Or, maybe life is pretty okay, but you feel lost without a purpose. Therapy gives you a chance to sort through these concerns to create a more meaningful life.

Imagine feeling so refreshed that you can prioritize your “to-do” list, tune out destructive thoughts, improve your relationships with new skills, lift your spirits by taking committed actions, make decisions from your internal compass, and feel more optimistic overall. Since 1991, I have worked with clients who want this. I want this for you, too.

A joy of being human is to have a degree of contentment. This comes from being present in your life. My therapy style is conversational and relaxed. My approach is not a formula and is drawn from well-researched approaches. I work with all adults, especially 20–30-year-olds. Call for a free consult to see how we would work together.