Changing your life takes work.

If you already knew how to improve your situation or handle your feelings, you would not need my support. For the rest of us, consulting with a therapist can make change a lot smoother and go a lot faster! The magic of therapy is receiving 100% focused attention and high-quality feedback.

I help my clients become their own best therapists for the future.

By digging into the treasure chest of "Living Life Skills, 101 Toolbox, " folks take what they need to better manage their thoughts and moods, learn how to be authentic and assertive communicators, get more sophisticated about tapping into their inner experience, viewing situations, thoughts, feelings, and emotions from a less frustrating and painful perspective, and building a supportive community around them.

Are you at a crossroads?

The approaches I use work well for relationship disagreements, school issues, employment concerns, communication breakdowns, life transition direction, or financial challenges.

The people I specialize in working with are professional women, teenagers ages 13 to 25, and folks diagnosed with Bipolar condition.

No "One Size Fits All" here!

Regardless of the source of your suffering, I use scientifically validated methods that suit your situation in order to bring you more relief, peace, and clarity as quickly as is reasonable. I have a background in meditation, education, and am LGBTQ and 12-Step Friendly. My style is conversational and warm with an appropriate sprinkling of humor. And, I am a terrible, but dedicated, pickleball player in my spare time!

You won't know if we are a match without a chat!

It is easy to set up your first meeting by phone for 15 minutes to decide if you want to make an appointment with me. Send me an email: and we'll set up a time. And, if I didn't answer a specific question here, please contact me.

Free Lunch For Everyone!

I wish it were true! My rate is $155, I do not take insurance but will give you a superbill to present to your insurance provider, and at this time, I am only doing telehealth appointments.

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Let's set up a free 15 minutes phone call.

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