Changing your life takes work.

If you already know how to improve your situation or handle your feelings, you do not need my support. For the rest, consulting with a therapist can make change go a lot smoother and go a lot faster. The gift of therapy is that you receive 100% focused attention on yourself and my high-quality feedback.

I help my clients become their own best therapists for the future.

Dig into the Life Skills Toolbox. Take whatever tools you need. You can do any or all of the following when you work with me.

Stay present in your life. Touch your inner experience with finer sophistication and awareness. Interrupt how your thoughts affect your moods and vice versa. Strengthen your problem-solving skills. Challenge the life story you tell yourself about who you are and what is possible. Stop wasting your time on what doesn’t work.

Switch the current perspective on your life of problems for one that is less painful and frustrating. Drop blind attachment to the rules you didn't even make. Discover and sharpen your focus on what really matters to you. Break through what stifles your actions.

Pull up courage to take necessary steps, one at a time. Make adjustments as necessary. Build your life on a foundation of what you value. As a result of your efforts, experience yourself as a part of the whole and your essential humanity.

Are you at a crossroads?

If so, the combination of counseling methods tackles depression, anxiety, and feeling ineffective in your life in areas such as relationship and communication breakdowns, school and professional stress, and "where am I going with my life?" questions.

My specialty is working with professional women, 20-somethings, teens, as well as adults diagnosed with Bipolar conditions.

No "One Size Fits All" here!

Regardless of the source of your suffering, I use validated methods that suit your situation in order to bring you more relief, peace, and clarity as quickly as is reasonable. I am LGBTQ and 12-Step Friendly, have a background in education, and been a meditator since 1987. My style is conversational and warm with an appropriate sprinkling of humor. And, I am a beginning, but dedicated, pickleball player in my spare time!

Rates and Fees

My fee is $155 per 45-50 minute session. I do not take insurance, but will give you an invoice to give to your insurance provider. At this time, I am only doing telehealth appointments for residents of CA and NV.

You won't know if we are a match without a chat!

It is easy to set up your first 15-minute phone call or video meeting to guide you in making your decision. It's worth investing your time in a quick phone call. We both want the best therapist match for your issues and needs. You are worth it. We are all worth it.

I'll ask you a few questions and you ask me a few questions. We both decide if we can work together. Then we'll look at our schedules and pick a date for our first video conferencing session.

You can use the button below, or you can email me at: and we'll set up a time. If I didn't answer a specific question here, be sure to contact me.

All the Best,


Let's set up a free 15-minute phone call.

I want you to feel comfortable with me before you schedule a session.

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During COVID, all sessions are offered via video conferencing only.